7 Super Easy Rules For Social Networking

There is no one right way to engage in the conversation on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, google plus and LinkedIn.
Nevertheless, it might be a good idea to keep the following “Rules For Social Networking” in mind when you start “working” these sites.

Rules For Social Networking

1. Shut Up And Listen

The key to successful social media marketing rests in knowing how to shut up for a while and listening to what the audience is saying.
Not just hearing their words, but listening to and digesting their conversations, comments, and discussions to find out what it is they are looking for.
Then you can move onto the talking part when you begin offering solutions to their Jack-of-all-trades, the expert at none.
There are very few businesses that have ever reached success by following such a mantra, therefore don’t be fooled into thinking that the world of social media is any different.

2. Social Networking Websites. Consider Quality Over Quantity

It is always more beneficial to focus social media marketing efforts on a specific target audience and demographic than to try to reach out to everyone and pleasing them all.

Quantity will never, ever make up for the poor quality – period.
When making connections and building social media audiences, it is so much more valuable to have say 500 dedicated and interested contacts that talk about and share information on your brand, rather than 25,000 who visit once and then disappear for good.

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3. Don’t Expect Overnight Success on Social Networking Websites

Very few marketing efforts come to fruition overnight and certainly none that are available for practical pennies.
As such, don’t ever expect to strike gold in the early days, as a social media campaign is meant to be a long-term strategy for the future of the business – not quick-fix glory.

Any business that takes the time to produce content of exceptional quality and build audiences of valuable members will find their message being shared and re-distributed across various other social networking sites.
This can lead to excellent word of mouth promotion.

Take the time to find out which people and businesses are currently the most influential in the particular market you’re working in.
Then comes the time to make contact with these companies or individuals and building relationships with them, which offers several benefits including their possible recommendation of your brand or if nothing else respectable affiliations.

4. No Hard Selling Please

Businesses that spend 24/7 on their social media marketing efforts and directly try to sell their products and services to their customers around the clock will quickly find themselves being ignored altogether.
Social media marketing is not about pushing products on customers or going for the hard-sell, but instead, it is about generating interest and positive acclaim by delivering quality content and building connections.
Look to build word-of-mouth advertising.

Just because a person isn’t standing right in front of you does not mean it is ok to ignore them.
If and when a client or customer reaches out to the business by use of social networking sites, it is hugely important to take the time to respond to them or at least acknowledge them.
They may not be the most lucrative of contacts right now, but you never know whom they might pass the message on to, or what the future will hold.

5. Take Part In The Conversation

A somewhat common and damaging habit is that of the business producing and uploading excellent content, only to then disappear entirely behind the scenes.
Successful social media marketing is not just about publishing content or sparkling conversation, but rather taking part in said conversations and being easily visible and accessible to existing and potential clients.
If they can’t get hold of you first time around, chances are most will make a beeline for another provider.

It is entirely unfair to expect any of your contacts and followers to spread the good word about your name and your brand unless you are willing to do the same for them.
This means not only reciprocating the positive actions of others but also taking the time to make the first move and lead by example – an example they will follow to your benefit.

The list goes on, but primarily encompasses dozens of simple though essential reminders about the most important principle of social media marketing – no hard-selling!

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6. It Is All About People

Social media is about people

– it is social and must be approached as such.
It is all about getting the target audience to talk about what you are offering and share the message for you – something that demands an entirely different mindset.

Of course, it can often be just as, if not more important to know what not to do regarding the golden rules of social media marketing, like putting a foot wrong in any of dozens of ways can quickly see all positive efforts undone.

7. Avoid These Mistakes

There are countless common-sense examples to keep in mind along the way, but hundreds of businesses still hit brick-walls every day by falling for some of the most common mistakes, which include:

Diving In –

Every business wants to get the show on the road and put things into action as fast as possible, but jumping the gun without careful and extensive thought is tantamount to social media suicide.
Never be tempted to dive into any campaign without first considering it at length regarding its potential impact, involvement, costs and so on.

Spamming –

Another all-too-common habit is to use a social media market campaign as a means by which to spam the life out of would-be clients, consumers and the web in general with messages, links, and whatnot.
As stated in the above section, a carefully targeted and thought-out campaign focusing on 1,000 people is infinitely more useful and valuable than one trying to reach 5,000,000

Faking It –

Hideous to say the least, but hundreds of companies decided to take matters into their own hand when it comes to conversation and comments – as in by writing their own while pretending to be real-life customers/contacts.
The problem with this is that the charade is impossible to keep up and once caught-out, it is nigh on impossible to regain any real credibility or respect.

Overspending –

And finally, on this quick-list, another hugely dangerous habit is that of failing to budget sensibly and realistically.
Social media marketing campaigns are among the most affordable in the world regarding “bang for the buck” but don’t fall into the trap of thinking they and the human resources needed to make them work are free – sadly they are not!
As a solopreneur, you should always keep an eye on expenses.

If you keep these 7 “rules” in mind, you can’t go wrong with Social Media Marketing.
So let’s connect.

I hope you have enjoyed this article “7 Unspoken Rules Of Social Networking Websites.”
Feel free to share and discuss it via Social Media.

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