Karin Le Blanc Language ServicesMy name as you might have guessed is Karin Le Blanc. I’m a native Dutch. Born and raised in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. I studied English in Leiden.

I love translating, no matter if it is from English to Dutch, or vice versa.

My Background:

In the past, I held jobs at a bank and a health insurance company.
But, I wasn’t happy with my work.
It did not tick my boxes on matters I care about.

After the birth of our daughter, I worked part-time at the same firm with a less “heavy” task package.
After the birth of our son, I dedicated myself to our family.

As our kids became more and more self-dependent, I undertook various jobs and activities.


I enjoy helping people who are less fortunate in life healthwise.
That’s why for ten years now I have been a volunteer for a foundation that houses people with severe epilepsy.
These people live there and need constant support in their daily activities.
Every week I assist a group of people in a semi-professional kitchen.
For example, we make sausage rolls, quiches, apple pies, cookies, and chocolate bonbons. Then we sell them to raise money for fun trips.

My Passions

Travelling, cycling, reading, history, and languages are other activities I tremendously enjoy.
As my health is vital to me, I go spinning at the gym twice a week.
I live in a beautiful environment.
So when the weather is good, I like to go out and cycle around our countryside on my Trek Bicycle.

History is another passion of mine.
I especially like English history, pre- and post-Tudor times.
England is very dear to me, that’s why I’m glad my son moved there six years ago.
Lucky me, I have a good reason to visit England as much as possible.
I can also experience and submerge myself in the rich English history and the many historical places.
Why do I enjoy it so much?
For me,  English history has everything in it, love, passion, hate, war, betrayal, treason.
Some of the most remarkable persons since the dawn of times came from England, who left both their positive and negative marks in history.

My family is the most important possession I have.
Our two children flew out some years ago.
But I have never experienced the dreaded empty nest syndrome; I’m happy when they are happy, and they are.
I love traveling together with my husband, and I’m fortunate to have my mother of 85 still in my life.
Spending time with family and friends is something we enjoy.

This is our son doing his thing